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[Sticky] ** Zero Tolerance for Spam: Our Commitment to a Clean Online Community **

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Welcome to our vibrant online forums, where meaningful discussions and a sense of community thrive. To preserve the integrity and value of our platform, we have a strict policy in place – a resolute stance against spam.

Spamming not only disrupts the flow of valuable conversations but also compromises the experience for our members.

In this brief statement, we emphasize our unwavering commitment to maintaining a spam-free environment. Read on to understand the consequences of engaging in spam activities and how we are dedicated to upholding the quality of our community.

At our forums, we take spam seriously, and we have a strict policy against it. We believe in maintaining a high-quality and respectful online community for all our members. Therefore, we want to make it clear that spamming is strictly prohibited.

Any member found engaging in spam activities will face immediate consequences, which may include banning or deletion from our website. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us create a spam-free and enjoyable environment for everyone.

As a friendly reminder, we encourage all members to revisit our community guidelines and house rules to ensure a harmonious and enriching experience for everyone.


- Palm Beach Community


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